SHarP LeTTerS on a POst-iT
a sweater smell
a supermarket dandelion

marble dust from a cinnamon shaker
a circle traced with a cymbal
and a roadside half moon bed frame

this is the matter we can build our home with

I’ve heard, they say: memory is stored in the hips
is matter inert? Or is matter made of energy?
matter energy matter energy matterenergymatterenergy
the egg, a supreme nugget of potential energy

tempera, plaster, dirt and plastic, 
I want to talk to the skin of strangers
lineage > line > linum > cold pressed linseed oil sun thickened linseed oil
the rouge in my cheeks : red iron oxide
,my breath in an atomizer : ultramarine blue
from across the ocean

Charged atmospheres attempting collecting connections
,currents between cosmetic and cosmos
the stuff and the stuff felt collide
lite the way









Jessica Gaddis